Project Update (bad news)

2014-06-09 23:01:35 by FleetAdmiralTony

ive had this laptop for about 2 years and it's finally going to shit. Im gonna make one final cinematic video for you guys before i can save up money to buy a new one to make more content for the NG community. all of the work i created has become corrupted and can no longer be fixed unfortunately due to the constant bluescreens and crashes. (200 hrs of work gone) :((((((.


Im gonna ride it out though, one more video for you guys until a while. Ive made sure that the crashes dont effect this one by saving my work to a USB. Ill post it in a few days since im still adding the finishing touches and needs sound. But after that, i won't be able to share content for a while until i get a great computer (it'll be a while since i got a crappy job with barely any pay)


Im gonna devote all my upcoming paychecks to a new computer so I can entertain you guys with more, stable content. Cheers, my friends :)


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2014-06-10 23:12:43

i should make content too

FleetAdmiralTony responds:

yessss entertain the NG community!


2014-08-17 03:05:34

I own a decade-old desktop that is still running...

FleetAdmiralTony responds:

ok? are you making animations?