Entry #1

My new commitment to Newgrounds

2014-06-08 16:57:08 by FleetAdmiralTony

I want to take this 3d thing seriously now since lots of people are encouraging me to continue this. i make animations when im bored, and now i think i have an oppurtunity of entertaining the whole community of newgrounds with my content, you'll see alot more from me. Cheers, friends :D


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2014-06-08 18:25:35

Stay awesome!


2014-06-09 10:28:28

Woohoo! BTW, you say it freezes when you try to update the video - does it freeze during the upload process and never finish uploading, or is it stuck on the part where it's in the conversion queue?

(Updated ) FleetAdmiralTony responds:

I finally found out the situation tom, it was actually my video file that got corrupted when i rendered it in my program. so it wouldnt upload. my whole project got deleted suddenly so i cant make any further updates on the video. its not NGs fault. :)


2014-08-17 03:06:38

Kewl! Go 4 it!!!